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renen Lin Palace Beauty Spa is located on the 2nd floor of Crystal Mall in Burnaby. As a government approved beauty spa and school, only the best service is offered with their skilled beauticians all certified with the BC Beautician license. Treatment services include V Shape face, skin care, permanent hair removal, slimming, bust treatment, eyebrow and lip permanent makeup. In addition, Lin Palace offers cosmetology classes and training for aspiring individuals who may want to pursue a career in the beautician field.   As Director of Lin Palace, Ms. Carol Yip is a highly qualified beautician with countless years of experience in the industry. With confidence and expertise, she aspires to mentor her cosmetology school students so that they may experience the joy and benefits of beauty and makeup.  From the time you finish your professional training to acquiring your beautician license, the excitement and pleasures of the experience shall be most rewarding. Cosmetology is a lively and respected profession, bringing you a lifetime of benefits, and many opportunities for your future. Lin Palace Beauty School is currently accepting new students.

I love the leisure of doing spa, meditating, and exercising. But more importantly, I love my occupation.   When I’m not doing spa nor exercising, I enjoy listening to music. The soothing sounds of waves are most relaxing, and the humming sounds of birds surround me with a feeling of gentleness.   Each individual view hard work and labor differently, but don’t assume that I grew up a pampered life without hardships. The road to success and great achievements require a strong will, and a perpetual hard working spirit.   Rest assured that with the guidance of a strong leader, there are no frail disciples!

Lin Palace Beauty Spa and School Director Carol

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Address1: 2221-4500 Kingsway
Burnaby, B.C. Canada V5H 2A9
Burnaby Crystal Mall 2F
Telephone/Fax: 604.437.6807
Store Hours: 10:00 am-7:00 pm Everyday